Events these recent weeks have forced us to adapt dramatically, both in our personal and business lives, to something that is becoming our new reality. At EICE, we moved our events and contents to digital world in hopes to make yours jobs somewhat easier in this current situation by providing you with the most up-to-date information.

We hosted online professional seminar with a globally renowned expert, Dr. Andrea Bonime-Blanc on, April 14, 2020. Andrea is the honourable Member of the EICE Advisory Board, otherwise a Founder of GEC Risk Advisory, a member of various boards, academic and think-tank groups, author of many published works; operating worldwide in the areas of corporate governance, risk management, business ethics and is the cyber security and crisis management strategist. With her sharp mind and comprehensive view of the world and business, she is always a step ahead, a thought leader and one of the most fruitful experts.

The aim of this online professional seminar was to put the existing corona-crisis into the perspective of leadership and experts in business compliance and ethics, risk management, internal controls and auditing. Together with Andrea, we tried to interpret the current circumstances in terms of our roles in different business sectors, how we can prepare for the continuation of these crisis and post-crisis situations, what we may need to do differently.

For members of EICE professional community, the webinar was free of charge. The full price of this webinar with a globally recognized expert was 125 EUR.