Compliance, technology and global risks

This year’s central topic was formed around how do technology and artificial intelligence influence compliance and ethical aspects of business operations, and what impact this has on a compliance and risk management profession. It was also about major global risks, their effects on compliance and risk management and the role of technology in global risks development. However, in order for us to understand and master technology for the benefit of people, businesses and the Planet, we must first talk about humanity, our strengths and weaknesses, which can either manage or trigger variety of risks and compliance issues.

Technologies must support personal touch – BCEC 2019

Attendance of the 5th annual conference and responses from participants, lecturers and partners again confirm that this conference is becoming a central and indispensable professional event in our field of profession for the nearby region. Huge thanks to all of you for being part of this excellent international networking, for helping create impressions and fostering new knowledge. This importantly contributes to strengthening the professionalization of business compliance and risk management in our region and contributes to improvement of the business environment!

Conference topics and discussions this year were evolving around the core theme on ‘Compliance, Technologies and Global Risks’.

Over the course of two days, we discussed how digital technologies and artificial intelligence affect business compliance and ethics and risk management, and vice versa: how ethical principles affect the development and use of new technologies.

We have had 16 speakers from 6 European countries and over 100 participants from Slovenia and the nearby region attending. These included experts and leaders in the areas of business compliance and ethics, risk management, legal affairs, internal audits, as well as members of top management, advisers, attorneys and regulators. We are grateful for your confidence and the energy that you have put into attending the conference and actively participating. We will continue to strive to keep bringing forward current and emerging topics, following global trends and recognizing their impact on our profession and the overall business.