Regular professional meetings are organized for the members of Professional Community of EICE, as well as for other experts and representatives of other institutions.  Regular professional meetings of EICE are: Compliance Breakfast, Circle of Trust, Workshops and Annual Conference.

Skladni zajtrk
Skladni zajtrk, predavateljica: Barbara Krajnc

Compliance Breakfasts are organized three times in a calendar year. Compliance Breakfast is a one and a half hour meeting, in the center of Ljubljana, usually in the morning period, from 8:00 to 9:30 am. Of course, there is no shortage of the fragrant morning coffee and delicious croissants. EICE invites up to two distinguished guests to the event, which is also moderated. The debates are also open to participants. There is also time dedicated to informal talks and exchange of knowledge and experience. Compliance Breakfasts are designed for around 25-30 participants, and therefore require prior notification. Admittance fee for non-members of EICE is €45,00.

Circle of trust is a special expert meeting, for EICE members only. It takes place two or three times in a year, according to the basic principles of the method “Master Mind” ™ and Chatham House Rule. It is adjusted to availability and further integration between the members of the EICE Professional Community after the meeting.

Workshops are professional meetings, for wider compliance community. in a half day event, organized up to three times in a year, we deal with compliance hot topics, case studies and exchange experience and good practice.

More about the Annual Conference can be found here.

At our meetings various key topics are addressed such as: the position of the compliance function within the organization, characteristics and challenges of experts on compliance, management of conflicts of interest, business ethics, modern management standards compliance, due diligence standard in practice, compliance and operational risk management, how to effectively communicate compliance and ethics etc.

Regular expert meetings are also one of the important tools for fulfilling the mission of our institute, serving as the integration of compliance and ethics profession with other professions, managers and internal and external supervisory authorities. The compliance function in the organization is inter-sectoral and is intertwined with practically all other functions. It participates at all levels in the organization. Its duties and responsibilities are a combination of expectations and needs of all stakeholder groups. Comprehensive understanding of the roles and tasks of the compliance function and cooperation in all areas of the organization is therefore essential if we are to make the compliance function within an organization effective so that it can fulfill its fundamental responsibility to add value and power of the second line of defense against the risks. The risks of compliance and ethics are in fact those whose effective management can significantly help to improve the protection of the organization from breakdowns and subsequent material and moral losses. Compliance and ethics function must become part of the corporate culture. Finally, practice shows that the effective compliance and ethics program can also help the organization to restore damaged reputation and stakeholder confidence, without which its existence is unimaginable.

On a regular expert meetings EICE also invites representatives of other professions, managers, supervisors and regulators. We believe that with the common and regular dialogue, networking and learning about the different aspects and practices, the institute benefits to all the stakeholders of the organization, as well as to the broader socio-economic environment.