Connecting compliance, ethics and other familiar professionals from variety of industries in Slovenia and surrounding region, EICE is meant to support the development of this young corporate function and profession, according to best practices, professional standards and considering characteristics, needs and benefits of local environment; thus the EICE contributes to more honest and professional environment and helps levelling competitiveness in surrounding region.

EICE helps organizations in Slovenia and surrounding region improve their competences in compliance and ethics risk management, which will help these organizations to strengthen or regain their reputation, stability and trustworthiness; which will also help them strengthen their ability to better interact with Western partners regarding high demands for compliance and ethics, which are becoming regular (pre)condition for variety of business arrangements.


1. EICE will become the main centre of professionals in compliance and ethics and with these closely connected other professionals in Slovenia and surrounding region, to which it will provide:

  • Opportunity to directly exchange knowledge and best practices,
  • Networking with different Slovenian and international professionals,
  • A platform of influence for development of compliance and ethics profession and best practices in Slovenia and close region,
  • Safe and confidential supporting environment for dealing with challenges regarding our profession,
  • Constant care for preserving and strengthening professional knowledge and competences for this specialized discipline of compliance and ethics.

2. EICE will also become the main come-together between compliance and ethics professionals and managers and supervisors, among which it will build communication bridges, open debates on hot topics and constantly join them together at the table in order to partner in resolving increasingly bigger challenges of international legal, economic and social environment, as key drivers of ever increasing compliance and reputational risks, as well as of organizations’ and managers’ liability exposure in our region.